How to do Bangkok on a Budget


A visit to Asia without spending time in Bangkok means you actually didn’t visit Asia at all – it’s the law! Okay it’s not an actual law but it should be, and while Thailand is still a very popular tourist spot, some people think Bangkok might be too touristy. They would be wrong as Bangkok is definitely worth a visit and not just because of its budget friendliness.

My opinion about travelling has always been to add an extra country (or city) to your trip, as since you are already paying a fortune for a flight – you might as well see as much as possible.  With the Thai Baht being $2.95US to 100THB, the conversion is wonderful and helps with the savings.

So here are our top tips for your Bangkok budget, without missing out on all the fun to be had in this wonderful city:


Getting to Bangkok is super affordable, with flights in from other Asian countries being extremely cheap – it could definitely be worth a side trip.

Getting around Bangkok is also simple and cheap, and between the trains, taxis, boats buses and Uber, taking a Tuktuk will be a one off experience just for the photo opportunity. While taking a taxi or an Uber may sound expenses, if they actually turn on the metre you will get a fair and affordable price for your trips.

*Safety tip – always be mindful of random people offering to take you to get great deals, they probably won’t be trying to kidnap you but they can waste your time by taking you to many gem shops to try sell you jewellery that is not in your budget


The cheapest places to stay in Bangkok are Hostels, but do not think dingy lice infected bunk beds with random strangers nicking your toothpaste. Modern Hostels in Bangkok are beautiful, well kept and still budget friendly!

My Top Hostels:

Lub d Bangkok Silom Hostel

Chan Cha La 99 Hostel

*Depending on the time of year you visit, prices can be as low as $15 a night (or less!)

But If you are keen for some privacy or want to ‘splash” cash on some luxury or have won big on real money online Singapore site, Bangkok also offers some brilliant hotels that are still very budget friendly.

My Top Hotels:

Baan Dinso 2

Rezt Bangkok

Prices per night in a hotel can also start real low at $20 or less, and by visiting in the off season even lower.

Entertainment / Sights

Here are my top 3 budget or free sights to visit in Bangkok:

Wat Run (50 Thai Baht)

One of the most famous sights in Bangkok, the 70 metre tall spires tower above the surrounding buildings

Khao San Road (Free except for the food)

The vast amount of food on offer at this market could be overwhelming, but instead try some of everything, while rubbing shoulders with locals and many fellow travellers.

Wat Pho (110 Thai Bhat)

This is the famous reclining Buddha in Bangkok, 15 metres high and 43 metres long, he rests in golden slender in a beautiful hall.

There is so much more to see in Bangkok, so strap on you backpack, jump on a plane and visit this colourful vibrant city, for some of the best times anyone could have.