Top Horseriding Trails In New Zealand

If you’re a fan of horse riding, love betting on horses, and spend your down-time immersed in brushing up on NZ horseracing tips, then a going on a horseriding adventure in New Zealand should absolutely be on your to-do list. New Zealand is a land of scenic beauty, from snowcapped peaks and pristine beaches to forest thickets and dry plains.

If you’re hoping to discover some of the top horseriding trails that traverse the many scenic spots the country has to offer, this list has you covered.

  • Clifton Peninsula

Set within Oceana, in New Zealand, is one of the top trails for beginner horse riders – though those who are advanced will also enjoy it. The Clifton Peninsula trail follows a 10.3-km looping trail located outside of Howick, Auckland.

It will take competent riders just over 2 hours to complete, but if you stop to admire the scenery, or are still gaining your footing with horseriding then it will take closer to three hours. It’s a very popular trail for all kinds of outdoor lovers, and you’re liable to find joggers, bikers, and families alongside other horseriders frequenting the area.

  • Karioitahi Beach Walk

Set just outside of Waiuku, Auckland, the Karioitahi Beach Walk trail is a lovely spot for horse riders. It’s a fairly easy trail that spans just over 4km and will take most riders an hour to complete. The trail is a photographers dream with absolutely beautiful outlooks as it traverses alongside the ocean, with dark cliffs as the backdrop, and a striking shoreline full of unique black sands.

When heading here, remember that horses are only allowed to be unloaded at the designated beach area, and no manure may be left anywhere within the unloading area. For those interested in exploring, there is also a waterfall within the trail that can be located not too far off the main pathways – just be sure to check its precise location before setting out for it.

  • Mount Judah Track

Mount Judah Track, found in Glenorchy, Otago, is not a trail for beginners, and is recommended for moderate riders only. The trail usually takes, on average, around six-and-a-half hours to complete. It’s a very popular spot for weekenders, but you’ll find plenty of opportunities for some quiet contemplation when on the 16.6km looping trail due to how spread out it is.  This area is old mining country, though it’s hard to guess this as the views and scenery are stunning.

The backdrop of the mountains, and views over Lake Wakatipu and Glenorchy make it seem as though it’s a world unto its own. If you decide to return, sans horse, the hiking trail has the Heather Jock Hut on it, which is suitable for overnight stays based on a first come, first-serve basis.

Whether you’re planning your next adventure on the shores or peaks of New Zealand, or are seeking to head out somewhere that’s a bit more further afield, you can’t go wrong if you bring along a good attitude and the spirit of adventure that is burning within you.