The Best Ways To Spend Time In The Western Cape

The Western Cape is a province that can be found in South Africa, and many consider it one of the best regions of the country.

From winelands to beaches to national parks, the Western Cape is well-known not just for its mother city of Cape Town, but also for its unique fauna and flora, as well as plenty of off-road adventures that await those that want to head off the beaten track.

For travellers wanting to visit the Western Cape while in South Africa, these are some of the best things to do and see in the province.

1. Explore Cape Town

The city of Cape Town is widely regarded as the jewel of South Africa, partly thanks to its fascinating history, but also because it’s a melting pot of cultures from all over the world.

Found on the western coast of the country, Cape Town is home to almost 5 million people thousands of eateries and countless other sites that are worth checking out. Taking a few days off to explore the city is highly recommended for anyone visiting the Western Cape, although it would take a lifetime to truly see everything Cape Town has to offer.

2. Table Mountain

Sitting within the city itself is Table Mountain, a world-famous plateau that’s open to the public to visit. Sitting at over 1 kilometre above sea level, Table Mountain is a perfect for hikers, but it also offers cable cars that visitors can use to quickly get to the top and enjoy the magnificent view.

And because Table Mountain is part of a national reserve, travellers will be able to experience the truly unique Cape Floral Kingdom, which is the largest and most diverse of the world’s floral kingdoms.

3. The Garden Route

Toward the southern end of the Western Cape is the famous Garden Route, aptly named thanks to the incredible indigenous forests that are still present to this day.

The small city of Knysna is perhaps the most well-known of the many other towns and settlements of the Garden Route, and it’s the perfect destination to get away from the big cities and get a feel for the native wildlife of the country. The Garden Route is large and there is almost always something new to do and see, even if it’s just sitting at a cafe enjoying online bingo in Australia.

4. The Cape Winelands

The Cape Winelands is an area in the Western Cape that has become known throughout the world for producing exquisite wines, but also for the large and unique wineries that are dotted along the route.

It’s the ultimate outing for a warm and sunny day and offers the traveller the opportunity to drive throughout the huge wine farms and stop in the many different wineries. Here, wines can be tasted, lunches are often offered, and it’s almost always in an idyllic and peaceful setting. It’s also possible to be part of a tour group and go up through the winelands, visiting famous sites along the way.