Best Reasons to Visit Bali

In 2017 Bali was named the best tourist destination by Trip Advisor, and its clear that this Indonesian paradise really dos offer a great experience to all who visit it.

Beautiful Beaches

If you’re looking for beautiful beaches, Bali has them in spades. The beach culture here is casual at its best, and you’ll find beach bars abound, all serving the local beers. You can also buy local nibbles that will keep hunger at bay, and you may even come across rum coconuts sold whole by a wandering salesman.

Awesome Accommodation

If cheap accommodation is what you’re after, Bali is once again the best and you won’t have to spend your online casino Malaysia winnings on a bed! You’ll find stunning accommodation at really reasonable prices, and can choose between staying almost on the beach, or further in the island. Many of the cottages come with their own pools, and it is incredibly safe too. Kuta is a great beach town, while Ubud offers easy access to the monkeys, palaces and mountains.

Terrific Temples

Balinese architecture is showcased at it best in the islands many temples. As Balinese are religious folk, they have been celebrating their religion for years and many of the Hindu temples are ornate and beautifully decorated all year round. You’ll find temples in the mountains or those overlooking the sea, and each one is spectacular in its own right.

Incredible Activities

If you’re an adventurous soul Bali is the best. From climbing up waterfalls to surfing in the pristine blue sea or going diving amongst the many colourful fish, there is so much to do. Hiring scooters is also a popular option, and a great way to see more of the Island.

A Rich Culture

If you love all things cultural, Bali is the place to be. There are many rich cultural traditions that are celebrated across the Island and you can easily get swept up in a traditional ceremony or celebration and become part of it without even trying. Wonderful music, traditional food and dancing are just some of what you’ll enjoy as part of the Balinese culture

Breath-taking Natural Beauty

Lush forests and brilliant flowers, green slopes and rice paddies. It’s all part of the landscape in Bali. The natural beauty truly is breath taking and whether its tropical flowers, the brilliant greens of the bush, sacred rivers, secret canyons, or the amazing mountain ranges, it’s a sight for sore eyes.

Fabulous Food

Thanks to its fertile soil and rich cultural heritage, Balinese food is simply sublime, and it is generally very cheap too. There is traditional street food available at just about every corner, and satay babi and bakso are very popular with people on the go.

Street vendors also wander from place to place or serve food from carts and scooters, so keep an eye out for them. There are also plenty of restaurants that serve other local and internationally inspired cuisine so anyone with adventurous taste buds is in for a treat.