Top 4 Reasons to Visit Kenya

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Trip to the Heart of Africa When travelling to Africa, one of the top places to visit is Kenya – where you will experience the best this historic and ancient continent has to offer. Visiting this wonderful country will change…

Gear Up and Get to Grenada 

Top Travel Ideas for 2018

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Today’s travellers are more aware than ever before of what the big, wide world has to offer in terms of never-seen-before destinations, and, although it is exciting to be faced with this amount of possibility, it can be a daunting…

Eating Local is the Best Way to Travel
Top Safari Holidays in Africa

Top Safari Holidays in Africa

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Top Safari Holidays in Africa The African continent is massive, and often underestimated as a dream holiday destination. This holiday destination is a great escape from the usual holiday destinations like Thailand or Vietnam. Yes a trip to one of…