Tips For Successfully Travelling To Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, often abbreviated as PNG, is a country that can be found within the Oceania region. It consists of the eastern half of the New Guinea island, and there are a number of islands that surround the country. It is the third largest island country at more than 450,000 km squared, and capital can be found along the south-eastern coast, and is known as Port Moresby.

There are a lot of great reasons to visit this remarkable country. Hundreds of different languages are spoken, and there is a unique mixture of various cultures. It’s also one of the few places where it’s possible to dive along the nearby coastline and find wreckages from World War 2. Unfortunately, the island country is also well-known for its high crime rates, which is something that travellers will want to keep in mind, along with these other tips.

  1. Always Use A Guide

The people of Papua New Guinea are respectful of formed associations or relationships, which means going there solo might cause some issues among the local people. Instead, it’s worth investing in a decent guide, who not only make it much easier to visit the local tribes around the island, but also to pick up on any potential signs of trouble and make a case to leave the area. Guides can vary in prices, but always try and find one that comes recommended by others that have spent some time on the island previously and know the region well.

  1. Keep An Eye Out

This is more about limiting the number of opportunities that might present themselves. It’s worth remembering that while violent crime in PNG isn’t bad, there is a lot of petty crime that takes place. Most of this is opportunistic in nature, meaning that a wallet will only be stolen if the chance is presented in some way. Always try and keep valuables out of sight as much as possible, so rather get to that message or game of online mobile slots while back at the accommodation.

  1. Learn The Local Language

Due to the number of languages on the island, it can be extremely difficult to communicate with people. Only a fraction of the population knows how to speak English, but many of them do know how to speak Tok Pisin, also known as Pidgin. This is a unique type of broken English developed in the area that allows for a much broader range of communication.

  1. Getting Around

One of the biggest challenges that visitors will have to deal with is transportation. It can be quite difficult to find reliable transportation, and it’s advised to use domestic air travel as much as possible. The island does not have a lot of safe roads for vehicles, and many of the towns scattered around the region are fairly remote. Sometimes trekking in the jungle or flying are the only two options available for tourists. Boats can also be an option, but these also tend to cost more.