Backpacking Round Europe Made Easy

Europe has so much to offer all year round, and if you want to backpack your way from A to Z it’s highly recommended. However, as Europe is crammed full of must-see attractions and destinations, you my well need a few helpful hints to ensure you get the most out of your journey.

Avoid High Season

The point of backpacking is that it is cheap, and if you want to keep costs down, avoid the high season in Europe.

Not only do prices sky rocket, everything is packed and you may not be able to do what you want to do because there are so many people. In off-season crowds are few fewer, and prices drop by as much as 50%.

Stick to Cheaper Cities

Just like any continent, there are cheaper and more expensive cities to visit. If you want to see lots of Europe and you haven’t won big playing Australianonline pokies, stick to places like Croatia, Estonia, Hungary or the Czech Republic, and avoid France and London.

Avoid Tourist Traps

Before you go anywhere do some research and find out what the typical tourist traps are that you need to avoid. Also look out for any scams that may be common, as many travellers are often charged over the odds for a simple or even free service just because they don’t know better.

Look for Freebies

Often museums and art galleries in Europe offer free entry on a specific day of the month, so keep an eye out for these days and capitalise on them. You can save yourself a huge amount of money if you stick to the free opening times, and if you have a student ID you can also often use this to get yourself a discount. You may also find free concerts and plays and other artistic performances if you read the local papers wherever you visit.

Stay Outside the City Centre

Accommodation in the city centre is always going to be more expensive, even if you are backpacking. In most European cities there is a reliable and extensive public transport network, so take advantage of this and find accommodation on the outskirts of town to save yourself a packet.

Travel Overnight

If you’re travelling long distance on train or bus try and do so overnight. This way you’ll cut out the costs of a night’s accommodation and you’ll also have more time to explore your destination, as you won’t waste any daylight in transit.

Look for Discounts Everywhere

From cheap flights to cheap dinners or all you can eat buffets look for discounts wherever you can. The more you can save on the small things, the more money you’ll have to spend on the big ones. Additionally, European cities are often very walking friendly, so wherever possible walk rather than taking the bus or the train. Thanks to GPS this is now so much easier, and you won’t even have to fiddle with a massive map as you navigate your way around.