The Top Attractions For Tourists In Singapore

There are few other regions of the world that are quite as diverse and interesting as Asia. Containing billions of people, each country is as different from the last as it is to the next, and this diversity is what attracts millions of people to many of the more well-known South-East Asian countries.

But many places within the region are known for their geopolitical problems, and have become hotspots for poverty and environmental problems with one exception: Singapore. Singapore is the one of the country’s in the world that is made up by one, sprawling city. It’s a hub of enterprise, education, and technology, as well as a bastion for multiculturalism. From the incredible gardens to some of the fastest Internet in the world, Singapore is a city worth seeing at least once, whether it’s to experience the people or just stay in a hotel and enjoy bit of online betting.

1. Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is a riverside development made up of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, food stalls, and so much more. It’s one of the most popular attractions in the city, due in large part to the hundreds of multi-coloured lights that makes the entire market shine like a rainbow during the night. There are few better places in the area to do shopping and grab some unique food.

2. Gardens by The Bay

This is possibly one of Singapore’s most well known attractions, and it’s not hard to see why. At the bottom, the gardens are made up of hundreds of species of plants from all over the world, where visitors can amble through and enjoy a respite from the busy city. Scattered in-between the gardens are massive Supertree structures that are completely coated in lights and plants, and at night they can be seen from anywhere in the city.

3. Marina Bay

Singapore’s famous Marina Bay is perhaps the first stop for most guests visiting the city for the first time. Apart from the sheer beauty of the area, there is also endless amounts to do, including visiting the many resorts, casinos, shops, restaurants, and the fascinating science museum that makes up the focal point of the entire place. Every night at 8pm in the evening, a light show is put on within the bay, and it’s highly recommended for visitors to check it out.

4. Singapore Night Safari

Even among a city of unique attractions, the Singapore Night Safari manages to stand out, and is absolute must-see for anyone looking to see some of the most unusual animals in the world. With more than 1000 animals and 59 exhibits, there is enough to keep the entire family occupied for hours.

5. Orchard Road

Aimed at those that like to shop, Orchard Road is the city’s iconic street packed to brim with endless shops, very similar to London’s Oxford Street. Department stores, boutiques, offices, beauty salons, entertainment and restaurant sports, cafes, and much more, it’s guaranteed way to keep the boredom at bay for days at a time.