Travel Trends for 2019 and Beyond

Travel Trends for 2019 and Beyond

With half the year behind us, now’s a great time to examine what travel trends are hot and what are not, and what trends look set to stick around too.

The rise of micro trips

Micro trips or weekend getaways are hot news right now. An increasing number of people around the world are starting to take advantage of what’s on their doorsteps and are exploring their surroundings over the weekend.

Road trips are becoming popular again and squeezing in a short getaway over the weekend is the way to go. Micro trips are also the ideal opportunity to go camping, caravanning or stay in less than luxurious accommodation, as they are not too long and they are all about enjoying the experience.

A focus on travelling consciously

People are becoming more aware of ethics, human rights and equality issues, and this is affecting travel. A survey conducted by showed that over 50% of travellers took social issues into consideration when deciding where to visit and that safety not just for themselves but for those who live and work in a country or city was now a concern.

Using tech as a helping hand

Thanks to technology, travelling is getting easier and an increasing number of people are using some sort of tech to make their journey easier and their holiday experience more enjoyable.

Whether it’s booking a place to stay using Airbnb, taking advance of automatic online check ins, relying on AI algorithms or digital tour guides to find out more about other people’s past travel experiences or simply playing at the mobile casinos Canada has to offer while waiting for a train, plane or bus, tech is increasingly being relied upon.

Exploring unchartered territories

Whether its avoiding the tourist traps and trails in Thailand or considering booking tickets to the moon, exploring unchartered territories is a hot new travel trend that is here to stay.

Although we are not quite ready to jet of to the moon for a few weeks, the idea of exploring far-flung places that differ to the norm is hugely exciting, and many people are on the look out for something that breaks the mould.

Solo trips 

This trend keeps on growing and more and more people are jumping at the chance to travel alone. There are now an abundance of networks that have been set up to help travellers who want o go on a solo journey, and the experience is certainly not one that’s lonely.

Alternative accommodation 

It seems that staying in a hotel is boring these days, and travellers want to try something new when away from home. From sleeping in caves to underwater, there are plenty of unique options available for those who find the usual bed and breakfast a little too standard.

More and more boutique “hotels’ are cropping up in places you wouldn’t expect, and you can even sleep in large drains, in space style pods or in a glass orb in a tree in the forest!