Top Travel Trends for 2018


Are you interested in which direction the world is looking when it comes to travelling in 2018? Read on for the latest news from the industry, a few insights for you to chew on, and expert advice to get you going.

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The Middle East is Making a Comeback

In defiance of headlines that are always drumming up the bad news, international arrivals in the Middle East have surpassed big players like South America and Europe, and there’s no sign of it slowing down.

Palestine is the leader of the pack.

New Frontiers in Europe

New European frontiers will help lessen over-tourism in 2018. With hotspots like Croatia and Italy continuing to experience capacity crowds, industry stakeholders are starting to explore less-popular destinations on the continent and so redistributing the demand.

Belarus is on the top of the list, with Moldova a close second.

The Impact of Modern Family Dynamics

Lone-parent families are making up more and more households these days, and the travel industry has noticed.

There are new price programmes being launched for single parents, and the contemporary family unit is being catered to at last.

Adventure Travel is Declining

Our definition of adventure is changing, and risky, high-adrenaline activities are 45% less likely to be selected than those which immerse us more deeply in the culture of the new country we’re visiting.

Sign up for a cooking class in Italy and learn how to make cannelloni ai carciofi while you’re there, or explore the French wine country on your next break.

Winter is the New Peak Season

More travellers are going overseas in winter, which indicates that warmer weather is not a huge motivation.

Winter events like the China Harbin Ice Festival are seeing visitors pouring in, and the number of hotels opening up in or around the Arctic Circle is increasing.

More Sustainable Cruise Travel

Thanks to the increased pressure being put on the bigger cruise ships by the International Maritime Organisation, IMO, there is an increased awareness of the environmental footprints these boats leave behind.

Greener travel is where it’s at, and cleaner fuels are being used, which means guilt-free boat trips are finally possible.

Wellness Packages are Taking Off

The world is becoming more health-conscious, and this is being seen in the travel industry with offerings designed by agents to take your physical activities into account on your holiday.

Cycling tours are a great option in this category, and exotic locales like Peru and Bali are possible choices.

Take some advice from these trends when you’re planning your next holiday, it may do you well to step out of your comfort zone and try something you’ve never even heard of before! If a change is as good as a holiday, imagine the two combined!