Solomon Islands Pacific Island Paradise

Have you ever wondered what a day in paradise would be like? Just ask anyone who has travelled to the Pacific island paradise of the Solomon Islands and they’ll tell you how easy it ease to get lost in the captivating beauty and laidback charm of island life.

Breathe-taking Location

The Solomon Islands is an archipelago of 992 virtually untouched islands located in the dazzling blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. This South Pacific island nation is situated to the east of Papua New Guinea and northwest of Vanuatu, making it one of the more remote and less-travelled destinations.

Often referred to as one of the Pacific’s best kept secrets, visitors to the Solomon Islands praise its wonderful laid-back charm, reminiscent of what island life used to be like in the days of Robinson Crusoe.

The nation’s capital, Honiara is situated on the main island of Guadalcanal and is the main gateway for entry with the bulk of visitors arriving by plane at the Honiara International Airport.

Picture-perfect Reefs

If you’ve ever wanted to swim alongside sea turtles and manta rays or trawl the ocean floor watching a host of lively sea critters flit in and out of a colourful tapestry of coral, there is no better place than the Solomon Islands. While the Solomon’s might not be the most well-known travel destination, it is famous for its wealth of unspoilt reefs and world-class diving sites.

With just under 500 species of hard and soft corals which form part of the 5,750km² reef system, it boasts some of the most bio diverse waters on the planet. The waters surrounding the Solomon Islands can only be described as an underwater wonderland and is home to an incredible reef system known as the Coral Triangle.

The waters teem with tropical marine life, from techni-colour schools of reef fish to majestic manta rays, sharks and dolphins- you’ll experience a world of wonder below the surface of the water.

These waters are home to the migratory routes of turtles, rays, dolphins and sharks, as well as the breeding ground of smaller marine animals such as pygmy seahorses, triggerfish, nudibranchs and eels. The Solomon Islands is without a doubt a divers dream destination and is one of the few uncorrupted diving locations left in the world.

World-class Wreck Diving

The Solomon Islands is an exceptional destination if you’re fascinated with wreck diving, or just lazing on the sand enjoying a bit of live sports betting while your partner explores beneath the waves.

It’s surrounding waters boasts one of the highest concentrations of World War 2 wrecks and a seabed that has become the final resting place for sunken aircrafts, ships and submarines. These sunken relics of war now serve as artificial reefs and have become the reclaimed home to a dazzling array of kaleidoscopic marine life.

Long held as a closely guarded secret by diving aficionados in the know, a trip to the Solomon Islands means that you needn’t worry about overcrowded and degraded diving sites. Best part is that many of these world-class wreck diving sites are available for recreational divers to explore year round.