Top 4 Reasons to Visit Kenya


Trip to the Heart of Africa

When travelling to Africa, one of the top places to visit is Kenya – where you will experience the best this historic and ancient continent has to offer.

Visiting this wonderful country will change your perspective on life, with the dramatic landscapes, varied wildlife and amazing people influencing you forever. So expand your mind and travel options, spend your Australian dollar bingo winnings on a flight to Kenya and see a whole new world.

Here are our top four reasons to visit Kenya this year:

The Maasai Mara Game Reserve

This is the most visited spot in Kenya, and for a very good reason. The Great Migration has recently been named one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and this migration is the ultimate in African Safari. When thinking of African safaris people often think of elephants, lions and Sir David Attenborough discussing the Wildebeest migration. The sheer scale of this migration cannot be truly viewed on a TV, so taking this trip is the only way to fully appreciate its magnitude.

The Maasai Mara is the best you can get for a safari, and you will be able to see all of the big five, along with many other species.


Most people do not often associate Kenya with beautiful beaches, but Mombasa has more than just one or two average beaches. Mombasa offers many stunning beaches, on the edge of the warm Indian Ocean.  These beaches are lined with palm trees and have great scuba diving possibilities, with great marine life for those tired of viewing lions in the Maasai Mara.

Mombasa is Kenya’s second largest city, with a million residents. It offers more than beaches though, so has plenty to offer – from tourists interested in history to those looking for an urban holiday in a great city.

The Great Rift Valley

The Great Rift Valley covers over 3000 miles, above ground and below the sea, the valley actually runs from northern Syria to Central Mozambique. In Kenya alone the valley encompasses 12 volcanoes and 7 lakes, which offers dramatic sights – both natural and man made.

In the valley is Lake Bogoria, which rivals the amazing Yellowstone National Park in the US, it has just as impressive geysers that erupt regularly to heights of up to 5 metres.

The most popular tourist spot in the Rift valley is Lake Nakuru, which offers the most mazing bird watching, with its flamingo population wowing the travellers in its sheer size.

These two lakes are just the start of what the Rift valley has to offer, there is so much more to see.

Mount Kilimanjaro

And for those truly adventurous travellers, the top spot to visit in Kenya is Mount Kilimanjaro. While you would have to head to Tanzania to get a professional guide as it is spread over both the countries, Kenya still claims Mount Kilimanjaro as its own. This mountain range is the 4th largest mountain in the world and the highest in Africa, standing over 19,000 feet.

Kenya also boast the second tallest, and often overlooked mountain – Mount Kenya. So Kenya has a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, so start your mountain climbing training and plan for an amazing and epic trip.