Must-See Attractions In Prague

The Czech capital of Prague is unlike any other place on earth. Its streets wind in and out of mediaeval city sections complete with cobblestones and gargoyles, communist-era concrete apartment buildings, and sights and sounds that reflect ultra-modern Europe.

The city has much to offer travellers. The best way to see it is to find a good quality guidebook or an app and a map, and to explore it all for yourself. If you are pressed for time, make the following attractions your priority.

The Astronomical Clock

Located on the Old Town Square, the Prague Astronomical Clock or Orloj was built in the Middle Ages. According to legend, the emperor did not want anyone else to have a similar clock, so he had the clockmaker blinded on its completion.

The clock tells ancient Czech time and 24-hour time, and it indicates whether it is sunrise, daybreak, day, or night, and it indicates the sun’s position in the zodiac. It also features animated statues of Christ’s apostles, as well as of virtues and vices.

Josefov the Old Ghetto

Not far from Prague’s Old Town Square is Josefov, a section of the mediaeval city that used to be the Jewish ghetto. You can find several historic synagogues, including Europe’s oldest one still in use, as well as the dramatic Old Jewish Cemetery.

There, you can visit the grave not only of Franz Kafka, but also of Rabbi Low, a Kabbalist who is said to have created a golem. The site is as surreal as some of the slots you can play at

The Castle and St Vitus’ Cathedral

Completely surrounded by the Hrad or castle, the Cathedral of St Vitus is built on an ancient pagan place of worship. Construction began in the Middle Ages, and it was completed in the 20th century.

In addition to the stunning chapel that houses the relics of St Wenceslas, the cathedral also offers visitors incredible views from the top of the bell tower. You also can go on tours of the castle, which houses event spaces, galleries, shops, and government offices.

Letná Beer Garden

Located on a leafy hill with gorgeous views of the Vltava River below, the Letná beer garden is a wonderful spot at which to enjoy something to drink, something to eat, and a bit of respite from all the sightseeing. There is also a good chance you could get to meet some of the locals in the relaxed setting. If you are lucky, you may even have the chance to take in an open-air concert or film screening.

Go for a Vltava River Cruise

Seeing Prague from the cathedral bell tower or the Letná beer garden is one thing. Seeing it from the River Vltava is quite another. A cruise on the river offers a glimpse of the city that cannot be enjoyed any other way.

River cruises offer a new perspective on the Charles Bridge and its famous statues, the captivating Hradčany area, the Devil’s Canal, the John Lennon Wall, the Dancing House, and other fabulous sights.