Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Australia

Tourist Destinations Australia

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Australia

Australia is the world’s largest island but its smallest continent, and is located between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. With so many sights and sounds waiting to be discovered, there is great incentive to go on walkabout adventure in the Land Down Under!

Explore the traditional lifestyle of the nation’s Aboriginal people, enjoy the sun-kissed beaches, or revel in a city hotspot.


Adelaide is Australia’s 5th largest city, with a population of over 1.2 million and is the capital of South Australia.

Bordered by many of Australia’s famous wine regions, the city is located on a plain between the Adelaide Hills and the Gulf St Vincent, and is historically known as the City of Churches.


Darwin has long been the most cosmopolitan of the country’s major cities and hugs the coastline of the Northern Territory.

Thanks to its close proximity to other countries in the Indian Ocean, Darwin has been a transportation hub since its earliest days.


Hobart is Australia’s second oldest city after Sydney and is the capital city of the Australian island of Tasmania.

With a population of a mere 250,000 people, Hobart is small and intimate in comparison to larger mainland Australian cities, and offers many fine examples of Georgian and Victorian architecture.


Isolated from other major cities, Perth has developed its own unique character and is the fourth-largest city and the capital of Western Australia.

Located on Australia’s south-western coastline, even though the area has been inhabited for thousands of years, it still offers a youthful atmosphere and fun-loving attitude. If you tire of sightseeing, you can always enjoy online games at instead!


With a population of roughly 2 million people, Brisbane is the third-largest city in Australia after Sydney and Melbourne, and is the capital of the state of Queensland.

Brisbane’s year-round warm climate, breath-taking scenery, and pleasant locals have made it the fastest-growing city in Australia.

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Melbourne is Australia’s second most populated city and is the capital of the state of Victoria.

Located near the south-eastern tip of the country on the large natural bay of Port Philip, Melbourne is widely considered as the nation’s cultural capital and is known for its shopping, fine restaurants, and sports venues.


Cairns is one of Australia’s most popular vacation destinations thanks to its tropical climate, easy-going charm, and close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef.

Located on the northwest corner of Australia, Cairns is a provincial yet stylish city with a small population of 150,000 people.

Alice Springs

Located in the heart of Australia roughly 1500km from the nearest major city, Alice Springs is made up of cavernous gorges, endless desert landscapes, remote Aboriginal communities, a charming pioneering history, and a population of a mere 28,000.

Enjoy the sights and hikes in the region, such as Ulura/Ayers Rock, Kata Tjuta, and Kings Canyon.


Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and is located on Australia’s south-eastern coast.

As a modern city with a long history, the city is defined by its scenic harbour, and the region’s first inhabitants lived along the harbour’s bank. Take a ferry cruise under the famed Sydney Harbour and past the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Great Barrier Reef

No list about Australia would be complete without mentioning the Great Barrier Reef as it is the world’s largest barrier reef system and a top destination for underwater explorers and scuba divers.

The Great Barrier Reef encompasses a massive area of over 2,900 coral reefs, hundreds of islands and cays, and is located in the Coral Sea off the coast of Queensland.