Things to see in Scotland

Things to see in Scotland

Top Scottish Highlights

Scotland evokes images of strong men in kilts, beautiful sweeping moors, and deep blue lochs. These are actually only a tiny bit of what Scotland offers the adventurous traveller.

There are more things to see that can be mentioned, but we will try to get through as many highlights as possible in this article.


The capital of the country, Edinburgh is an eclectic mix of old and new. Old Town rubs shoulders with New Town, separated by a bright and vibrant road full of shops called Princes Street. Old Town is almost exactly the same as it was hundreds of years ago; medieval buildings lean on narrow alleyways, which hold undiscovered jewels such as old shops, pubs and even underground streets.

The Castle is the main feature, overlooking almost a century of development from its lofty hill. Tours to the castle happen daily, and one can explore not only the gorgeous old building but also how the people in it have lived through the centuries.

New Town has a plethora of modern shops, bright nightlife and more entertainment than one can possibly take in. annual festivals such as the Tattoo and the October comedy fest attract crowds from all over the world. Also in New Town is the Edinburgh shoreline on which one can find the harbour and in it the Royal Yacht Britannica which is well worth a visit.

Loch Ness

Who has not head of Nessie, the infamous monster said to live in the depths of the azure blue waters? Loch Ness is so much more than that, however. Ruined castles, medieval villages, and windswept moors sit on the edge of the largest body of water in the British Isles.

The Highlands are but a few miles away, so the whole area is full of hidden history, great scenery and things to explore. Loch Ness is as exciting as the sports betting NZ has to offer, just in a very different way!

Skara Brae

For those interested in history, Skara Brae is a must-see. Situated on the Bay of Skaiil, this Neolithic site dates back to around 2000 years ago. One can see a whole settlement; complete with houses, cooking areas, and pagan worship sites.

Things to see in Scotland - Scottish Highlights

St Andrews Links

Anyone who knows anything about golf knows that the game began at the St Andrews Links course. This historic golf course is situated in St Andrews and boasts not only the iconic stone bridge but also the Hell Bunker, the Old Course and the gentle slopes of the Balgove.

It is known as the Home Of Golf and is a crucial stop for anyone who has any interest in the game.

Tipples and Drams

Of course, one thing that many people want to do in Scotland is to visit some of the world famous and historic distilleries and breweries that dot the country. These can be found in all corners, from Edinburgh to St Andrews.

Many of them can be included in other excursions, such as the Edinburgh Old Town pub crawl, but be aware that you may not feel well enough the next morning to go exploring!

Spooks and Beasties

Being a centuries-old country, Scotland has its fair share of folklore. There are a number of trips and tours one can do such as Niddry Street, the Walking Ghost Tour, and Vampire Tour.

Many of these are in the dead of night and end up in a graveyard, so bring a torch, your courage, and a new pair of undies!