Let’s Take a Look at the Tourist Destination – Taiwan


This little island off the coast of China, is often completely overlooked as a holiday destination, with people focusing on the more commonly known touristy Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia etc. but it is well worth the effort of going.

Here are my Top Three Reasons to Holiday in Taiwan:

Number Three

Mountains – if you love outdoor activities on your holiday, Taiwan has plenty to offer. The majority of Taiwan is Mountainous so there are plenty of hiking trails but surprisingly Taiwan has beautiful beaches too.

These can be found in the stunning Kenting National Park. And if you are only staying in the city of Taipei, the Yangmingshan National Park overlooks the entire city and is easy to access, with well maintained hiking trails.

Number Two

Fo Guang Shan Buddha Musuem – This museum located in the south of Taiwan in Kaohsiung, is a absolute must see while in Taiwan. When you arrive at the impressive Front Hall, you are greeted by a Lion, which represents the teachings of Buddha and an elephant, which represents the conception of Siddhartha.

Walking up to the Buddha you are flanked by eight pagodas, which each house a precept of the Buddhist faith.

The Fo Guang Big Buddha itself is 40 metres high, and its seat is 10 metres. The serene face of the massive Buddha can be seen the entire walk up, but up close you feel the intended impact of how small you are compared to the universe.

Number One

Taipei City, this ultra modern city is an absolute marvel! This city has everything an urban holiday adventurer could need, with shops, sights and more. These are my three favourite parts of Taipei but there is s much more to see:

Taipei 101 – You can get real this is Taipei’s tallest building, with its lift that takes just 35seconds to take you to the top, where you will find spectacular views of the entire city below. And if you happen to be in Taipei for new years – please do not miss the fireworks display on the 101 (best viewed from Elephant Mountain).

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall – this amazing memorial to the former president is nearly too impressive for words. Completed in 1980, the entrance to the monument is stunning with its white arches and brilliant blue roof.

On either side of the walk to the monument are the national theatre and the National Concert hall, which often have shows which you can check out for free. (Fun fact if you stand exactly in the middle of these two buildings and clap your hands – it will sound like a pop instead)

Shopping – where should you shop in Taipei, I cannot even begin to list the options! There are numerous night markets in most of the cities districts, where the locals go to buy their food and goods.

Or if you wanted upmarket shopping, the area around the Taipei 101 is surrounded by international retailers…and the prices are good!

Please visit this beautiful and budget friendly country, concentrate on saving money along with enjoying River Belle Online casino after checking out here and make this a top destination to visit in this new year.