City Gems That You Need To Visit In Johannesburg


Johannesburg city is full of bustling city life and incredible experiences. It should be one of your must do stops in a vist to south Africa. Check out one of the street markets that offer colourful wares, or take a walking tour around one of the heritage sites such as New Town. Johannesburg South Africa has something for every taste

1) Maboneng Precinct

Maboneng is a revamped inner city district with pretty much anything artsy you could wish for.  Sizzling rooftops barbeques or South African style sushi offer something a bit different.

Art and culture abound as well, with live shows such as comedy and music teeming from every street corner. Visit the Bioscope, South Africa’s only independent cinema or one of the many historical buildings peppering the city blocks.

2) Radium Beer Hall

Historically a tea room which led a double life as an underground bar during the apartheid era, the “Radium” opened in 1929 and is the oldest surviving bar and grill in the country. The bar counter was rescued from an old hotel and is over 100 years old.

The Radium has seen uprisings, eccentric patrons, and rebellious rabble in its past. Today, however, you are more likely to find great food, craft beer, and throbbing music all set in a vibey ambiance.

3) Walking Tours

Taking a walking tour around Joburg city is one of the best ways to get up close and personal with its history and architecture.

A lot of the buildings are very old, dating from the early 1900’s. Walking also gives you a great opportunity to really see the culture and buzzing city life that Joburg is famous for. Stop to buy some street food or examine a piece of graffiti art in detail.

4) Museum Africa

Displaying all the best things about the continent, Museum Africa exhibits cultures from various parts of Africa. San art and replicated shanty towns rub shoulders with a fascinating mix of history and culture.

There are also some enthralling exhibitions on countries such as Egypt, Kush (Sudan) and other ancient civilizations.

5) Gold reef City

Originally an old gold mine, gold reef city is now a playground full of theme park rides and other entertaining things to do.

The casino boasts a large floor with over 1700 slot machines, many of which can be found on sites that offer online slots Canada.

The old gold mine is still in operation, and you can go all the way down the shaft to see how the precious metal was taken out of the ground.

6) Roof of Africa Carlton Centre

The Carlton Centre is one of the loftiest buildings in Johannesburg city and is the tallest skyscraper in Africa.

At the very top of it you can revel in the panoramic views of the surrounding city and grab a sandwich at the café.

7) Braamfontein

Similar to the Maboneng district, Braamfontein brags many trendy restaurants and arty things to do. Foodies will take delight in the eclectic mix of cuisines offered ranging from African to European.

Check out one of the many music and live performance hotspots or even visit the century-old cemetery that is the last resting place of Enoch Sontonga, who composed the South African National Anthem.