Top Travel Ideas for 2018

Gear Up and Get to Grenada 

Today’s travellers are more aware than ever before of what the big, wide world has to offer in terms of never-seen-before destinations, and, although it is exciting to be faced with this amount of possibility, it can be a daunting prospect as well.

Have no fear! Take a break for a moment and check out what’s outlined here to get you packing your bags in 2018!

Sail Your Way to Šolta, Croatia 

This jewel of the Adriatic is home to over 1 200 islands, but travel between these has long been the domain of costly yacht charters or sluggish public ferries. That is all set to change next year, thanks to UberBOAT.

The popular ride-sharing application has now launched on-demand private tours and transfers all along the Dalmation Coast, and you can hit the high seas as you make your way to Šolta, a hilly island a short nine nautical miles from Split, Croatia’s second-largest city, at a fraction of the price.

Get Out and About in Greenville, South Carolina

Until very recently, Greenville played the role of sleepy second fiddle to its Southern culinary cousins Charleston and Nashville, but this town is stepping into center stage with hot new places to enjoy fine dining.

Sean Brock’s Husk is soon to appear in this sleepy little town, alongside a market hall centered on food called The Commons. Other recent addictions include the Vault & Vator, a moody speakeasy lounge venue, and a contemporary Italian hotspot, Jianna, from Michael Kramer.

Top Travel Ideas for 2018

Gear Up and Get to Grenada 

Grenada is not known as Spice Island for nothing, and it remains one of the diamonds in the rough of the Caribbean. It has what every traveller is looking for, and you will be able to enjoy uncrowded expanses of beach, beautifully preserved rainforests, and lively local culture and cuisine.

The island was spared from last fall’s heartless hurricane season, and is now poised to attract a brand-new bunch of travellers in search of luxury destinations, thanks to the Silversands Hotel, scheduled to open in March next year.

Silversands Hotel will be the first major resort to enjoy an opening on the Grand Anse Beach in 25 years, and will provide a total of 43 rooms and suites, nine villas, and the longest pool in the whole of the Caribbean.

Get a Breath of Fresh Air in Buenos Aires, Argentina 

2017 saw Buenos Aires becoming an international hub for sports, arts, and politics: the first Art Basel Cities programme, the Youth Olympic Games, and the G20 are all set to take place within the city limits.

Although the capital of Argentina is already home to a variety of galleries, Art Basel Cities looks likely to elevate Buenos Aires’ reputation in the global art world by making professional support available for local artists, as well as offering lectures and workshops all year round in order to draw art-lovers to the city en masse.