The Best Things to See and Do When Visiting Croatia


The popularity of the Game of Thrones series has seen tourist numbers to Croatia soar. Most trips start with plans to visit Kings Landing (Dubrovnik) or the Free City of Bravos (Kasta Gomilica).

The increase in tourism isn’t limited to only these two, because once you start to explore the sites in Croatia you will realise that one trip will just never be enough. So, start your trip by following Cersei’s walk of shame but make sure to include a visit to these must-see sights.

Stroll the Cobbled Streets of the Walled City

The Game of Thrones tours have become the most popular activity in Kings Landing, but if you want to experience Dubrovnik instead of a television series, make sure you put aside at least two days to walk the alleys of the Pearl of the Adriatic, and don’t forget to take the famous walk on the walls of the city.

Kayak Around an Island

The island of Lokrum is just 600m from the town of Dubrovnik. Here you can stroll through the botanical gardens, or hunt for the ruins of the Benedictine Monastery. Kayak around the island in the crystal waters or spend the day relaxing on the beach. Just keep in mind that some of the beaches are for naturalists, so decide in advance whether you want to pack a bathing suit.

Hop on Over to Slovenia

If you have some time to spare a few days in Slovenia are worth the detour. Slovenia is known for its beautiful mountain scenery, skiing and lakes. If nothing else, include a trip to Bled to see Lake Bled and its Fairy tale castle. The natural beauty of this small town at the foot of the Julian Alps will take your breath away.

Pack a Picnic and Spend the Day on a Beach

Any beach will do. Croatia is famous for its pebbled beaches and crystal-clear water. There are also many fresh food markets scattered around every area, so grab some local wine, fresh cheeses, breads and meats, and head off for an afternoon of relaxing in the sunshine, dipping in the crystal waters and enjoying a sundowner. When you’re done you can enjoy free slots Singapore.

Spend some time Roaming an Ancient Roman Empire

The town of Split was constructed over the ruins of a Roman city. The Diocletian’s Palace stands behind its white walls, the ruins a reminder of what was once a civilization of thousands in the 4th century. The remains include 200 buildings and a cathedral.

Let your imagination soar on a walk through the Medieval Fortress of Klis or spend some time at the Cathedral of Saint Domnius.

Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Krka National Park

This national park is famous for its numerous waterfalls. But, natural beauty is not the only offer from this beautiful part of the country.

Visit the Visovac monastery which is situated on an island in the middle of the bluest lake, the Krka monastery which is dedicated to the Archangel Gabriel or the Knin fortress, the second largest fortress in Europe.

The Last Word

Every country has a few things other than the sites that they are famous for, and Croatia is no different. This Coastal country is famous for its sea food and there isn’t a chef who doesn’t know how to grill fish to perfection.

Also try the cuttlefish ink risotto, sheep’s milk cheese served with their traditional cured hams and Pasticada, a famed beef stew traditionally served with gnocchi.