Everyone needs to pay Europe a visit before they die!

Something to Offer Every Kind of Traveller

Even if you are not interested in backpacking across the whole continent like I did, there is a range of activities from which you can choose. You can bask in the sun on beautiful beaches, widen your cultural knowledge with some incredible examples of ancient architecture, sample the best wines in the world, and much more.

Each country is vastly different to the next, but they all have something to offer. I have visited many times, and each and every occasion offers me something totally brand-new to enjoy.

Ample Accommodation for a Range of Budgets

A room in a hostel dormitory will cost you between 18 and 40 EUR per night, depending on the size of the room and the popularity of the place you selected. I stayed in a six-bedroomed dormitory in Berlin (a lot less than you’ll be paying at casino online Deutschen) for just 15 EUR –the exact same space in Paris would have put me back around 30 EUR.

Paris is pretty expensive, Athens not so much, and there are campsites available for those who enjoy tented spaces too, at between 9 and 15 EUR.

Fabulous Food for You to Enjoy

Throughout Europe you will be able to find little shops where you can find sandwiches, pizza slices, and even sausages, all for between 4 and 7 EUR. These little shops are great if you are on a tight budget, and are most frequently located at train and bus stations, and in the main pedestrian areas.

Getting from Place to Place

Getting around European cities is most frequently done by means of local trams, subways, and busses, and this is usually less than 2 EUR for a one-way ticket. The train prices for travel between different countries varies considerably, however, and will also depend on whether you take a high- or slow-speed train.

Berlin to Munich at top speed will set you back 190 EUR, Bordeaux to Paris around 95 EUR, and Madrid to Barcelona roughly 150 EUR. The slower trains usually cost between 40% and 50% less than their high-speed counterparts.


The wine tours –not to be missed – are the most expensive activities in Europe, and you should budget for around 90 EUR a day. A trip up the Eiffel Tour is between 10 and 20 EUR, and visiting Versailles will cost you 25 EUR.

Most of the museum entrance fees and tours begin at around 14 EUR, and full-day tours range from 35 to 100 EUR. Prices, again, vary drastically from country to country, so giving a general idea is difficult. Take a look at specific country information for more!