Top 5 Reasons to Travel to the Oceania Region

1. The Breathtaking Scenery

The countries that make up Oceania have the benefit of some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. New Zealand travel will take you across a variety of very diverse landscapes, ranging from rugged coastlines to thick forests.

Australia travel has lots of deserts and outbacks, which makes it perfect if you enjoy off-road adventures. If you visit Australia you can also take in some of that country’s famous beaches, with tours of these widely available.

2. Make Friends with the Locals

There are many thriving indigenous peoples in Oceania, which you will quickly find out if you choose to visit New Zealand and the surrounds.

The Maori make up 14% of the population of that country, and they have called it home for more than 1 000 years! When you visit Australia you will meet the Aborigines, who play a vital part in the cultural community, and you can take this chance to learn about their customs and traditions while you travel.

3. Excellent Options for Active Vacations

If you are the type to keep things active, like I am, then New Zealand travel or that to Australia will be right up your alley! While there are man online casino NZ options out there, maybe spend some time outdoors for a change. If you have always yearned to learn how to surf, then your Australia travel adventure might just be the perfect time to do so.

Most beaches will have some sort of surf school that will teach the basics, and before you know it you will be riding the waves.

4. Delicious Food, both Modern and Traditional

I am not a fussy eater, and take great enjoyment from sampling the local cuisine whenever I take a trip. When you visit New Zealand, you can look forward to a range of wonderful cuisine, and I can personally recommend the fresh fish, shellfish, and lamb.

When you visit , be sure to sample their traditional meat pies, as well, and keep it local by adding a dollop of ketchup before you begin!

5. The Wonderful Wildlife of Oceania

As an animal-lover, one of the main reasons I got interested in Australia travel as young as I did was because of the Marsupials. This group of animals is found nowhere but here, so you cannot visit the country without taking some time out to see these incredible creatures.

There’s the kangaroo, which you need to be careful of when driving, and the koala bear, who spends it days munching eucalyptus leaves. Some zoos even allow you to give these little guys a cuddle –an opportunity not to be missed if at all possible!