Travelling with the Irish Little Folk

“May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back.” This is one of my favourite travel blessings and is from one of my favourite countries to visit, Ireland.

With many countries across the globe not needing a visa to visit the republic of Ireland, and the possibility of great airfare deals, Ireland is a great destination choice for all travellers.

The Emerald Isle lives up to its nickname, it is green and lush and yes it does rain a lot but the breathtaking beauty of the country means carrying an umbrella is no hardship. So if you have won some extra cash from playing at a CAD Casino online, I highly recommend visiting this stunning country.

Here are just a few reasons to plan a trip to Ireland:


O the castles you can see from sea to sea! From medieval round towers to the Blarney Castles itself, there seems to be a castle or historic building around every

At Blarney Castle in County Cork, I myself have climbed to the top and leant over (backwards!) to plant a kiss on the fabled Blarney Stone. This gifted me with the gift of the gab, and the charm of the Irish, and a slight fear of death due to the fear of falling backwards nearly 10 stories. The views from the top of this castle are stunning, with its well kept gardens and the surrounds almost glowing green.

The majority of round towers are found mainly in Ireland, and were for fortification even prior to actual castles.

These were most likely used as fortifications against the dreaded Vikings, so find a horned helmet and try storm one when there!


The heart of Ireland, its capital Dublin has so much charm and personality that it should get at least three if not more days in your holiday, to ensure you really soak up as much of this vibrant city as possible.


The Guinness factory – I had my first ever taste of Guinness in the actual Guinness factory, and I am now a Guinness mad fan. The tour of the factory is great crack (fun in Irish slang) and will throw together beer and history – perfect.

The Temple Bar – Set along the river Liffy, the Temple bar area has a super lively night life which attracts locals as well as tourists. Have a wonder from pub to pub, listening to some live Irish music and trying out as many beers as possible, it’s a great night with so much Irish flavour

The Book of Kells – Dublin is not just about beer and whiskey, it has ancient roots and some of the history is stored at the Old Library at the Trinity College. The book of Kells is a 9th century manuscript, and shows a rare glimpse into the life of old Irish people.

The people

The people of Ireland are super friendly, have a story or twenty to tell and the accent is amazing! To be sure (to be sure, to be sure) I think the people are the biggest part of the charm of this beautiful country. From the local pub in a small village, to the bustling streets of Dublin, the Irish never fail to charm.