About Platoon Online Slots

During the 1970’s and 1980’s, there were a number of war films created that were based on the war in Vietnam. Despite the many movies that were made, not many achieved quite as much fame as Platoon, a film about a platoon of soldiers fighting the Viet Kong within the Vietnamese jungles. Platoon, thanks to iSoftBet, can now be found in the form of an online casino slot. The game is based completely around the film, and uses imagery that is instantly recognisable for those that remember the classic movie.

Made up of 5 reels and 30 paylines, Platoon is a standard iSoftBet slot, featuring solid core gameplay and some unique bonus content. Like many other games from iSoftBet, Platoon has its own jackpot, where players stand the chance of winning up to 1000 coins that go straight into the total coin balance. Platoon also comes with a special wild symbol that can be landed, as well as bonus free spin rounds.

Playing Platoon

The symbols are arguably the most important part of any slot game, and it is important that players know and understand how the symbols work. In Platoon, symbols are made up of a combination of higher and lower values, both which can link together to create special winning combinations. Like most other slots, symbols of a lower value are made up of numbers and letters, while those of high value are usually symbols related to the theme of the slot. In this case, most of the high value symbols consist of characters from the film, such as Charlie Sheen’s character.

Playing Platoon is relatively straightforward and easy to learn for those new to the game. Betting is done with the various buttons found on the lower half of the screen below the reel section, and here players can decide the amount of coins they would like to bet per spin. Every spin uses this amount, but it can be changed in between spins at the player’s discretion. During gameplay, bonus content can be triggered, and this can lead to bigger winnings such as instant cash prizes and multipliers. The paytable is the first place new players should visit, as it contains all the information necessary to understand the rules and mechanics of the game.

Platoon Bonus Content

The wild, shown as a tank, is a special symbol that lands reasonably often. The wild in slots is used as a substitute for most of the other symbols in the game, meaning that the wild can be used to complete symbol combinations. The wild in Platoon also acts as an instant multiplier, adding x3 to any winnings that the wild is linked to.

The bonus symbol in Platoon, depicted as a helicopter, is what the player will need in order to trigger the main bonus feature. Landing three or more helicopter symbols rewards the player with an instant payout that is determined by how many bonus symbols land on the reels. This also triggers the bonus free spins, which is also influenced by the amount of bonus symbols active during the round.

Platoon Verdict

While not quite as famous or as critically acclaimed as the film it is based on, Platoon is nonetheless a decent slot. The biggest criticism to be had is the general lack of extra features.