More Details about the Places to See in Greece


Although Greece is already a popular holiday destination, sometimes it can seem to cliché and pricey to visit. But let me explain my top four locations to visit in Greece and why you should go.

Number Four – Athens

This ancient city is named after the Goddess of Wisdom and War, Athena. With a history spanning over 3400 years, Athens is full of history and is an absolute must see.

So when in Athens, there is more to see than the Acropolis (which is stunning and you should see it up close). Spend time seeing as much as possible in the city, from the Plaka neighbourhood with it ancient narrow streets to Hadrians Library built in 132AD. This beautiful city deserves your full attention and exploration

Number Three, Two and One – Islands

Oh the islands you can see, the sunshine to be had, the views that are to stunning to describe.

Here are my three favourite Islands to visit when Island hopping in Greece:

3. Naxos

This quieter island has more of a relaxed family vibe when compared to other party islands like Mykonos and Cos. This island is the biggest and most rugged in the Cyclades archipelago, with some great farms on the island, you can often spot flocks of sheep.

The old quarter of the main town is known as the Kastro, and offers museums, medieval mansions and plenty of restaurants to visit.

When arriving by ferry on Naxos it would be impossible to miss one of its most ancient sites, the portal.

The beaches in Naxos are stunning, as the entire southwest facing coast is basically one long beach. I spent a stunning day wondering along the beaches, and out one point walked straight ‘out to sea’ for 200m with the crystal clear water remaining at knee height.

2. Santorini

The most photographed island in all of Greece, are you even a travel blogger without a picture of you in Santorini? But clichés aside, this island is also a must on your tour of the islands.

But brace yourself, this popular island is only 73km2, so asides from the popularity if the island, space is tight (so hotel prices are high, even the ones with less stars).

Walking through the old streets of Fira, you can pick up some expensive bargains and view some great old buildings. When you reach the Caldera side of Santorini, and taking in the absolutely stunning view that will take your breath away. There is so much to see on this island as well as so much good food to eat.

Side note- take a donkey up the side of the cliff in Fira, do it!

1. Hydra

This often overlooked island is my number one island to visit. It is mostly visited by vacationing Greeks, so it does not have the super touristy feel of other popular islands in Greece.

This island has zero cars, so expect to see everyone from little old ladies to polished looking business men to hop on a donkey and ride in home. With tons of little shops, restaurants and beaches, this island is absolutely my favourite Greek island

Try your best to visit Hydra on the last Saturday in June, when they have the Miaoulia Festival. The festival celebrates a victory in the Greek war of Independence in the 1820s, the navy gets involved, they sink a ship, they have fireworks set to Leonard Cohen (Leonard Cohen had once lived on Hydra).