Eating Local is the Best Way to Travel

Eating Local is the Best Way to Travel

What’s better than travelling around the world? Eating your way around it!

Jokes aside, there are many great things about travelling: seeing new things, meeting people you never would have under normal circumstances, and much more.

But, like the fact that the online blackjack Canada has to offer is the best game to play when you’re enjoying real money games on the internet, in my opinion at least, all the new types of food and drink you are exposed to is the premier part of visiting a new city.

You Will Discover Food You Never Knew Existed

There are so many different dishes in other countries that you would simply never try if you had not decided to step foot outside the borders of your home country. Travelling doesn’t just open your eyes, it brings a whole new experience for your tastebuds too.

If you go to Poland you can sample their pierogis, a dumpling filled with meat and vegetables. There is bobotie, in South Africa, curried mince meat with savoury custard, and the authentic pizza/pasta experience that Italy is able to offer is like nothing else. The possibilities are endless, and waiting for you to give them all a taste!

You Will Experience Food You Know Differently

You will find completely new dimensions of flavour in food you already know: for example, the mozzarella cheese you will be sampling on your Italian adventure is incomparable to that which you have been enjoying from your local grocery store.

Local travel food

The taste and texture of just this one example will be so wildly different you will feel like you have never had it before.

A Country’s Food Can Tell You a Lot About Its Culture

It is a very interesting experience heading to a different country and seeing what you can deduce about a people and what they value based on the way they like to eat. Take Costa Rica, for example: the country’s motto is pure life, or pura vida, and the food they choose to ingest embodies that.

The staple food in Costa Rica is a simple meal consisting of rice, sweet plantains, and your choice of meat, either chicken, fish, or beef, all of which are fresh as can be. The simplicity of this food choice perfectly reflects the Costa Ricans’ attitude to life in that it is simple, fresh and nourishing.

They look to their cuisine to free them up to spend time on other aspects of living, but ensure that none of its nutrients are lost in the way that other cultures rely on fast food that is almost completely devoid of anything good to do so.

Compare this to France, and you will find far more effort going in to even the simplest of fare: various breads are laid out alongside a variety of meats, finely-flavoured desserts and cheeses and wine that has been specifically selected to complement the food’s flavour are all set out for even a simple lunch.

The French value the finer things in life, and spending time on perfectly crafting cuisine reflects that. The French spend time and effort on their food, and view eating as an experience, not something to be hurried or done on the fly.