Top Asian Destinations For Travellers


If you are interested in exploring the Pacific Ocean’s best destinations, check out our handy list of must see places from around Asia.

1. Raja Ampat Indonesia

The Raja in Raja Ampat means king and as far as pacific islands go, Raja Ampat is one of the most beautiful in the world. White sand beaches are backed by lush vegetation.

The site has been a massive tourist attraction, thanks in parts to the reefs that teem with life around this archipelago.

2. Gansu China

Encompassing so many moods and looks, Gansu is a land of magical peaks like the Xiahe Mountains and mythical deserts like the rainbow sands of the Danxia National Park. It has also built a reputation for its much lauded local cuisine.

There are even more treasures in the form of the Giant Buddha at Bingling Monastery. There is also the Buddhist site of the Mogao Grottoes which not only features world class amenities, but it is also a relatively unknown spot free from packed crowds, just like convenient online FIFA World Cup betting.

3. Xi’An China

Diversity and heritage are the two words most associated with this ancient city that saw the biggest growth during the Tang Dynasty when it served as capital. Today this city shows its silk route past in its architecture and social makeup.

The exquisite natural beauty of Hau Shan is matched by the cultural diversity of the Muslim quarter. There is of course also the legendary Tomb of the Terracotta Warrior statues, a world heritage site.

4. Takayama Japan

This traditional city is a landmark in Japan. It perfectly demonstrates the two worlds that this country has managed to weld together, the world of nature and technology.

You will still find many traditional shops, buildings and of course many temples and monks. Takayama is fast gaining infamy amongst tourist as the perfect slice of Japanese culture.

5. Astana Kazakhstan

With a world class rail system and bus routes in this capital city, it has become more inviting than ever for travellers to travel to Astana, especially when you consider that tourists from 45 countries may visit the city for 30 days without a visa.

The centre piece if this city surrounded by the beautiful, endless steppe is the famous Astana pyramid, a hulking edifice to the oil riches that has kept Kazakhstan afloat after the fall of the Soviet Union.

6. Keong Saik Road Singapore

Keong Saik Road has had a much needed rebirth in recent years, shunning its crime ridden past and becoming a hip, artistic centre where traditional and western elements meet.

The adjacent Tek Lim and Neil Road has experienced a similar revitalization making this area in Singapore vibrant and fun.

7. Northern Kerala India

While Kerala is most known for its southern beaches, h north has become an underrated gem. The state just finished building a new airport in Kannur meaning it is easier than ever to explore Kannur, Bekal and Thottada’s unbelievable untouched beaches all at budget prices.

Then there is the jewel in the crown that is the Wayanad Wildlife Park that has amazed tourists with its untouched natural beauty.